Courtesy Rachel's Ginger Beer

Cool Sips

Quench your thirst with one of these locally crafted non-alcoholic libations.

By Jackie Varriano
A red and white beverage whipped at the top. A white straw extends out of the cup. Courtesy Rachel's Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer

For a refreshing sip that will make you pucker in the most pleasing way, look no further than Rachel’s Ginger Beer (1530 Post Alley). In addition to the gingery original, find flavors like caramelized pineapple, white peach, pink guava, and passion fruit vanilla. There’s also soft serve for floats and the Capitol Hill and University Village locations serve fried chicken sandwiches.

A blue and green beverage in a plastic cup. Courtesy Atulea

Bubble Tea

Step inside Atulea (1715 12th Ave), a sleek husband-and-wife-owned shop in Capitol Hill, for dreamy blue butterfly matcha, spiced Thai black tea with caramel drizzle, or a raspberry lemon rooibos, all with options for boba, crystal boba, heart jellies, and cheese foam.

A yellow canned beverage. Cold brew from Fulcrum Coffee Adam Wells

Cold Brew

Fulcrum Coffee (590 Bell St) roasts in SoDo, brewing and immediately canning three very different cold brews. The Fulcrum Nitro has hints of milk chocolate and jam while the Urban City has notes of Mirabelle plum. The Silver Cup is a balanced blend with hazelnut and macadamia nuts. Each blend is available in cans at the Belltown cafe, and the Fulcrum Nitro is on tap.

A coffee beverage in a plastic cup with a printed cup sleeve. Courtesy Coffeeholic House

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Coffeeholic House (8525 Greenwood Ave N), a window-filled cafe in Greenwood, turns out rich, bold Vietnamese iced coffees. The signature drink—the Coffeeholic Dream—features a layer of salted cheese foam on top while the classic Vietnamese coffee, made with Phin-dripped dark roast and condensed milk, is everything a bold coffee lover could want.

A hot pink drink with a green wrapped candied attached on the left side. Courtesy Seeking Kombucha


Seeking Kombucha (1091 Thomas St) in South Lake Union is an appealing spot for fermented beverages. In the plant-filled space you’ll find kombucha; Jun—a fermented drink with green tea and honey; Tepache, made with piloncillo and pineapple; an apple cider drink called Switchel; and more, all made with whole fruit.


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