Leadership Positions


Serve with Us!

Basic requirements for serving on the Executive Board are to be a currently serving AmeriCorps member at time of application, attend monthly board meetings, and show dedication to enhancing the AmeriCorps experience for members in Seattle.

The Board Chair* develops connections that strengthens the organizational network and encourages collaboration by working with organizations that need AmeriCorps support. Our Board Chair also serves as the face of SAC in the greater Seattle community, supports the Board as a visionary and logistical leader, and fosters relationships of growth among alumni as well as championing AmeriCorps advocacy among members.

The Communications Chair* records all Board decisions and important documents and sends out monthly newsletters through our member database. They engage with people through social media, update the organization’s website & blog, and create marketing strategies to promote the organization.

Our Events Chair plans our career fair for members in the spring of every year, and our Stipend Life event in the fall.  Our events chair also plans monthly collaborative events for AmeriCorps members in our network, such as happy hours and special events to foster collaboration, creativity, and connection among the Ameri-Community.

Our Fundraising Chair* seeks grants and fiscal support for our events and general infrastructure. They plot our budgetary growth with the Board Chair and connect often with our Fiscal Sponsor, Urban Sparks, to maintain transparency in finances for the organization. They create a plan for fundraising to maintain the organization for future years.

Our Community Engagement Chair*  helps AmeriCorps members foster communication between advocates for service-oriented members in Seattle, builds relationships with local businesses and encourages them to become Employers of National Service. The Community Engagement Chair also plans other events to foster personal development among members of the Service-Oriented Community in Seattle.

*Currently recruiting, Summer 2018




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