#StipendLife Vol. 4: There’s an App for That!

AmeriAdvice Column

In our interconnected world, scientists have discovered some of the most incredible, useful ways to make technology work for us. If you have a smart phone, you probably use your mobile phone for everything nowadays. Why not use your phone to live the #StipendLife? Here are some suggested (FREE) apps that could be useful during your term.

*Companies are not paying for this information to be listed*

Great Money Tracker


Mint (IOS & Android) : A great resource for tracking your finances and making sure you’re staying within your Ameri-budget! Mint connects to your bank accounts to track your spending. If you’re interested in REALLY digging into your budget, it can be a very useful tool.

Why it’s so great: It is essential to track your budget while you are in AmeriCorps. This app makes it easy!


Great Money Maker


Ibotta (IOS & Android): If you don’t have Ibotta yet, I’ll be very surprised. The referral service is a very popular tool and allows you to earn money for referring a friend. You can earn money for shopping that could be loaded on a giftcard, but you can also select for your money to be transferred to Venmo or PayPal!

Why it’s so great: who doesn’t love earning money while they shop for everyday items? Refer your friends and make more money!

Essential Seattle: Coupon App


Groupon (IOS& Android): This is a great app for saving money on activities you want to do in Seattle that may be above your price range. Typically Groupon discounts for up to 70% of retail cost.

Why it’s so great:  Being able to save money and still enjoy yourself is important, and this is an app that I would consider essential for living in a big city like Seattle.

Great Money Saver: Coupon App


Cartwheel (IOS & Android) : This is an app specifically for Target, that allows you to collect “deals” the more you use it. When you scan featured items, you can add them to your cartwheel, which then provides discounts at the register.

Why it’s so great: you can stack Cartwheel with other coupons and your store loyalty card (“Red Card”) and save a ton of money.

For more great tips about living the #StipendLife, please attend our event on October 27! More information can be found here.


One comment

  1. Another app that is like Ibotta that I love: Checkout51. They give (albeit small) discounts on brandless items, like milk, eggs, and produce that can add up over time.

    Also: ReceiptHog is an app that gives you “points” for any receipt you scan (as long as you scan it the week of the purchase). This can be any itemized receipt, so your grocery store, convenience store, liquor store, whatever receipts you have can be scanned. It takes a while to rack up the points to cash out, but I like the app because it isn’t trying to pressure you into buying advertised crap you don’t need (Which happens a lot when I use things like Ibotta! Rebates on beer and snacks are dangerous!) If you just moved or are making some larger purchases, you can rack up points quick because points are scaled by the total dollar amount of the receipt.


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