#StipendLife Vol. 2: My haul from St. Vincent de Paul

AmeriAdvice Column

Do you need warm clothing in anticipation of Seattle’s “sweater weather”? What about some nice dress slacks, or cool hiking boots? Looking for cheap furniture? You may be an avid thrift store shopper, or maybe you’ve never set foot in any store that accepts donations, but if you’re going to live the #StipendLife, you need to fully embrace these wondrous, amazing, magical places. Here’s why:

  1. Make the world a better place by shopping! Many thrift stores are designed as a way for nonprofit organizations to raise money for a great cause. A few well-known thrift stores that support nonprofit organizations are Goodwill, The Habitat for Humanity Stores, Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, and the Assistance League of Seattle. Check your local listings for stores near you!
  2. Go green! Thrift stores are a great way to keep materials out of landfills by reselling them. REUSE old items or RE-PURPOSE them for new, fabulous things. (AmeriPro-tip: learn to sew, and the entire collection of weird old clothing at thrift stores will be open to you!)
  3. GREAT deals.  Most thrift stores have colored tags or labels that are marked down on certain months or days. Some even do “managers specials” or 50% off sales monthly! St. Vincent de Paul provides a calendar of their sales, and many stores post them on social media. (Another AmeriPro-tip: this is a great place to watch for job postings as well!)
  4. GREAT brands. It is absolutely incredible what people will give away. You can find some incredible, high end brands at these stores for a FRACTION of the price. There are treasures waiting for you, prepare for the hunt!
  5. Make money shopping. While not every store offers a consignment option, some stores actually allow you to have your items sold in their stores and pay you when when it sells ! This is a great way to make money (just pay attention to the store consignment rules).
  6. Fight mega-consumer society. Activism may not be your “thing,” but shopping at thrift stores is just one way we can combat the buy/break/throw away culture of our society (Black Friday/Gray Thursday/Cyber Monday, anyone?) if you’re into that sort of thing.
  7. Fun pastime with friends! It can be absolutely hilarious to go thrift shopping. You might find a cheetah print couch. Or a vintage guitar. Or a weird, fuzzy, cat print handbag. Shop with your friends and laugh together.
  8. Make Macklemore proud of his hometown. He wrote “Thrift Shop” for a reason. Get into the thrifting spirit by watching the music video here. Wear your granddad’s clothes. Look incredible.
  9. Stay dry. The Seattle rainy season is upon us. Stay dry by hanging out indoors, and save some money!

There are so many reasons why you should shop at thrift stores. Save money, make the world a better place. Good luck, #StipendLifers!



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