SAC Summer Recap: AmeriS’mores

SAC bonfire

It was a beautiful, clear, sunny day. Spirits soared as we looked out the window to appreciate the gorgeous PNW weather. “This will be the perfect day for the beach!”

Sadly, those of us with indoor ameri-jobs trudged to the office to live the cubicle life, away from the sand and sun, dreaming of the evening.

The day was slow, but filled with anticipation.

When 5 pm finally arrived, SAC members headed to one of the most beautiful beaches in town, Golden Gardens in Ballard.

Conversing and laughing with each other, we met members and alumni (and new friends!) and watched as the sun set slowly on the golden horizon.

This was a perfect summer.

As the sun set and the stars arrived, we roasted AmeriS’mores and got to know our companions. We celebrated new jobs and new apartments, and laughed when a random guy on the beach hung out with us. A lure was set, and some members caught Pokemon together. We stepped into the ocean and then immediately decided it was a terrible idea.

All in all, it was a joyful gathering of awesome friends and the occasional Magnemite.  This is what summer is about, after all: community, connection…chilly beaches.

They dumped water on our fire, but they couldn’t dump water on the energy, spirit, and joy that lives in the SAC community.


Interested in joining us for our next social event? Sign up for line dancing lessons at the Little Red Hen in Greenlake here.


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