New Blog Series!

AmeriAdvice Column

Collecting change in a jar. Applying for scholarships. Buying dinner on an EBT card.  Carpooling. Watching a matinee movie. Second jobs & side jobs.

Life as an AmeriCorps member is challenging, but as many alumni have discovered, it’s not impossible. In Seattle, where housing costs have reached astronomical rates, the housing situation adds a major wrench in the financial dreams of members.

We believe you CAN find housing.

We believe you WON’T starve in Seattle.

We believe that you CAN get a gym membership.

We believe that living the #StipendLife is possible. We’re going to teach you how. If you’re new to AmeriCorps or you have AmeriCorps friends who need resources, we welcome you with open arms. This fall series will be a collection of alumni advice, tips and tricks, DIY ideas, and other ways that you can save money and enjoy a better year while under the service of AmeriCorps.

Check the SAC blog each Friday, and good luck with your term!



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