Advice for Future AmeriCorps Members from Current AmeriCorps Members


Are you serving in Seattle soon? Take some advice from current AmeriCorps members.

  1. Budget like your life depends on it. Learn to value free and low cost events. It is possible, and doable, but you have to commit.
  2. Push the ability of your work, seek out opportunities to further the goals of your work, and force Seattleites to hang out with you!
  3. Experiment with your new challenges as an AmeriCorps, and hone in on new skillsets to cope with them.
  4. Cook creative meals with low cost groceries.
  5. Branch out into community housing to split rent.
  6. Use bus rides and carpools to take time and chill with your community.
  7. Make sure your program is well established, otherwise make sure you are ready to establish it yourself.
  8. Keep a file of the things you accomplish during your service year: Created a new volunteer application/system? Were on the planning committee for an event? Whatever it is, keep it so you can reference it as you move forward in your nonprofit career.
  9. File your taxes. You’ll likely get a little bit of money back.
  10. Do not neglect self-care; this work can be intense and will take its toll. Be gentle with yourself.

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