Courtesy Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen

Sloshed Slushies

All the rage of summer 2018, the spiked slushy craze is back for another season. From frosé to frigid tropical sips, here’s how to catch a buzz from a dosage of icy-cold refreshment.

Courtesy Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen

Union Saloon

Are you just too warm from the moment you wake up? This humble Wallingford haunt has you covered with slushy renditions of the classic Bloody Mary, mimosa, and Ramos fizz, a gin drink shaken with an egg so it feels extra appropriate for breakfast. 3645 Wallingford Ave N

Super Six

This Columbia City restaurant’s big-kid versions of summer treats are almost as sunny as the parking lot patio. Flavors flex from rosé—made with strawberry, lychee liquor, lemon, and wine—to more traditional tropical tastes like pineapple, orange, and guava. 3714 S Hudson St

New Luck Toy

Offered year-round, the paper umbrella-adorned drinks here are built to handle the heat of clever Chinese-American cuisine. When in West Seattle, stop in for a frozen Singapore Slingblade (gin, cherry brandy, brandy, mango, orgeat, lemon, and bitters) with a side of karaoke. 5905 California Ave SW

Quality Athletics

If you’re pre-gaming for a Mariners, Sounders FC, or Seahawks outing, you can’t go wrong with this hip sports bar nearby in Pioneer Square. Flavors rotate through the slushy machine under the “Seattle Freeze” handle—order what’s offered that day and feel the chill. *121 S King St


Two words: sake slushy. The spacious Belltown restaurant pairs its modernized Asian-American eats with an array of icy bevvies, including four frozen cocktails featuring Japanese rice wine. Order a Ruby Red, where sake meets bittersweet Aperol and grapefruit. *2121 Sixth Ave

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